The Last Food of England

Home baking, firing the oven, New Forest.

Perry pear tree, Blakeney red, Welsh marches.

'More has changed in the English countryside than it is given credit for, more has gone for good and more remains, obscured by persistent prejudice and myth…'

'The food of England, even if it arrives at the top, comes from the toe, the earth and water. It is traditionally plain but, rather than simple, of singular complexity…'

'I am not a 'foodie' or a chef, but a feeder and a cook who neither eats to live nor lives to eat. There is a middle course – to live, and eat well too. To eat appropriately is even better… it is not much more trouble, no more expensive and puts you in touch. There is so much more to life than food, so much connected to it and so much to be missed by taking it for granted…'

Shopping – an original farmers'market, midlands.

The Last Food took a long time to complete, but I hope it has further to run. I would love people to send in any interesting or unusual stories about food and cookery – childhood experiences, family favourites, local customs and 'pieces de resistance' – which would add to the records. Please indicate if you want any details to remain confidential. With recognition and support, the food of England need not be the last.

Marwood Yeatman

The website library is only a fraction of the photographs taken all over England and available for purchase. Contact Marwood for details. All photographs copyright Anya Yeatman.

English truffle – a hope fulfiled on a chalk down.

Home grown veg., unmissable, rural Essex.